The Big Broadcast Of 1937

Title: The Big Broadcast Of 1937
Category: Musical Comedy
Format: B/W
Run Time: 110 minutes
Released by: Paramount Pictures
Year: 1936
Director: Mitchell Leisen
Producer: Lewis E. Gensler
Screenplay: Walter de Leon/Arthur Kobe/Francis Martin/Barry Trivers
  1. Gene Krupa appears with the Benny Goodman Orchestra
Jack Benny as Jack Carson
Gracie Allen as Mrs. Platt
George Burns as Mr. Platt
Benny Goodman Orchestra as Themselves
Bob Burns as Bob Black
Ray Milland as Bob Miller
Martha Ray as Patsy
Shirley Ross as Gwen Holmes
Larry Adler as Specialty
Luis Alberni as Dr. Gabsel-Schoomenheimer
Irving Bacon as Radio Sound Man
Maurice Cass as Announcer
Gino Corrado as Violinist
Benny Fields as Himself
Frank Forest as Frank Rossman
Sam Hearn as Schlepperman
Stan Kavanaugh as Kavvy
Leonid Kinskey as Russian
Dennis O’Keefe as Control Room Director
Leopold Stokowski as Himself
Virgina Weidler as Flower Girl
The third film of Paramount’s “Big Broadcast” series follows the pattern of the first two titles: negligible plot with plenty of memorable music and guest stars. Jack Carson (Jack Benny) owns the radio station this time out; he doesn’t get along with the sponsors, and many are threatening to pull their advertising off the air. Jack’s solution? Put on a big show, of course, with a handful of the biggest stars of the day. George Burns and Gracie Allen appear once again, this time as the hosts of a golfing program; musical guests include Benny Goodman and his Orchestra, Gene Krupa, Larry Adler, and Leopold Stokowski.