The Benny Goodman Story

Title: The Benny Goodman Story
Category: Musical Biography
Format: Color
Run Time: 116 minutes
Released by: Universal Pictures
Year: 1955
Director: Valentine Davies
Producer: Aaron Rosenberg
Screenplay: Valentine Davies
  1. Available as; MCA Home Video VHS: The Benny Goodman Story (1987)
  2. Available as; Universal Home Video DVD: The Benny Goodman Story (2003)
Steve Allen as Benny Goodman
Donna Reed as Alice Hammond
Berta Gersten as Mama Goodman
Barry Truex as Benny Goodman (at 16)
Herbert Anderson as John Hammond Jr.
Robert F. Simon as Papa Dave Goodman
Hy Averback as Willard Alexander
Sammy Davis Sr. as Fletcher Henderson
Dick Winslow as Gil Rodin
Shepard Menken as Harry Goodman
Jack Kruschen as Murph Podolsky
Wilton Graff as John Hammond Sr.
Fred Essler as Prof. Schoepp
David Kasday as Benny Goodman (at 10)
John Erman as Harry Goodman (at 16)
George Givot as Jake Primo
Lionel Hampton as Himself
Gene Krupa as Himself
Teddy Wilson as Himself
Ben Pollack as Himself
Kid Ory as Himself
Harry James as Himself
Martha Tilton as Herself
Ziggy Elman as Himself
Urbie Green as Young Sideman with Clayton
Buck Clayton as Trumpeter – Basement Jam Session
Stan Getz as Sax Solo at Paramount in NY
Steve Allen makes his dramatic film debut in The Benny Goodman Story. Outside of Goodman’s conflicts with his parents over his career choice, and his early frustration over not being able to play his kind of music, the film tends to be more a series of musical highlights than a biography. The film features guest appearances by Gene Krupa, Lionel Hampton, Teddy Wilson, Harry James, Martha Tilton, Ziggy Elman, and Sammy Davis Sr. (as Fletcher Henderson).