Title: Syncopation
Category: Musical
Format: B/W
Run Time: 88 minutes
Released by: RKO Radio Pictures
Year: 1942
Director: William Dieterle
Producer: William Dieterle
Screenplay: Frank Cavett/Philip Yordan
  1. Available on DVD as; Cohen Media Group DVD: Syncopation (2015)
Adolphe Menjou as George Latimer
Jackie Cooper as Johnny Schumacher
Bonita Granville as Kit Latimer
George Bancroft as Steve Porter
Robert Benchley as Doakes
Walter Catlett as Spelvin
Ted North as Paul Porter
Todd Duncan as Rex Tearbone
Connee Boswell as Connee Boswell
Frank Jenks as Smiley Jackson
Jessica Grayson as Ella Tearbone (as Jessie Grayson)
Mona Barrie as Lillian
Lindy Wade as Paul Porter – as a Child
Peggy McIntyre as Kit Latimer – as a Child
Charlie Barnet as Charlie Barnet
Benny Goodman as Benny Goodman
Gene Krupa as Gene Krupa
Harry James as Harry James
Jack Jenney as Jack Jenney (as Jack Jenny)
Alvino Rey as Alvino Rey
Joe Venuti as Joe Venuti
Hall Johnson Choir as Vocal Ensemble
Armando Lita as Specialty Dance Act (as Armando and Lita)
This musical chronicles the history of jazz music and features many of the most popular musical acts from the early 1940s, including Gene Krupa and Benny Goodman. The story centers on a trumpet player who falls for a young woman with an equal passion for music. Unfortunately, the girl is still grieving for her true-love whom she lost during the war. The trumpeter begins working to get the girl to trust her. He simultaneously tries to start a band.