Smart Politics

Title: Smart Politics
Category: Musical Comedy
Format: B/W
Run Time: 65 minutes
Released by: Monogram Pictures Corp.
Year: 1948
Director: Will Jason
Producer: Will Jason
Screenplay: Hal Collins
Freddie Stewart as Freddie Trimball
June Preisser as Dodie Rogers
Frankie Darro as Roy Donne
Warren Mills as Lee Watson
Noel Neill as Betty Rogers
Donald MacBride as Phineas Wharton, Sr. / Phineas Wharton, Jr.
Gene Krupa and His Orchestra as Gene Krupa and His Orchestra
Martha Davis as Singer
Candy Candido as Alvin, Peabody’s Nephew
Harry Tyler as Mr. Peabody
Monte Collins as College-Dean McKinley (as Monte F. Collins)
Billy Snyder as Policeman
Tommy Mack as Murphy
Peggy Wynne as Miss Palmer
George Offerman Jr. as Breezie of The Harmonica Boys
George Fields as Eddie of The Harmonica Boys
Don Ripps as Joe of The Harmonica Boys
Dick Paxton as Johnny of The Harmonica Boys
Butch Stone as Butch (as Henry ‘Butch’ Stone)
The growth of juvenile crime in a small town starts a movement for the building of a youth center. The project leaders discuss with the town mayor about buying an old warehouse from the city, and rebuilding it as the Center. The mayor, however, has his own plans to buy it himself for another project which he would profit from. The Teen-Agers, Freddy Trimball (Freddie Stewart), Dodie Rogers (June Preisser), Lee Watson (Warren Mills), Betty Rogers (Noel Neill), Roy Donne (Frankie Darro) and the rest of Monogram’s non-delinquent juveniles, think otherwise and, while the mayor does buy the warehouse, he is forced to donate it to the Youth Center committee.