Make Believe Ballroom

Title: Make Believe Ballroom
Category: Musical
Format: B/W
Run Time: 79 minutes
Released by: Columbia Pictures Corp.
Year: 1949
Director: Joseph Santley
Producer: Ted Richmond
Screenplay: Albert Duffy/Karen DeWolf
Jerome Courtland as Gene Thomas
Ruth Warrick as Liza
Virginia Welles as Josie Marlowe
Ron Randell as Professor Leslie Todd
Al Jarvis as Himself
Paul Harvey as George Willcox
Sid Tomack as Joe
Louis Jean Heydt as “Jerk” Elliott
Adele Jergens as Herself
Frank Orth as “Pop”
Pierre Watkin as Radio station manager
Vernon Dent as Chef
Gene Krupa as Himself
Frankie Laine as Himself
The King Cole Trio as Himself
Toni Harper as Himself
Jack Smith as Himself
Kay Starr as Himself
The Sportsmen as Himself
Charlie Barnet as Himself
Jimmy Dorsey as Himself
Jan Garber as Himself
Pee Wee Hunt as Himself
Ray McKinley as Himself
Liza Lee, fast-talking press agent for Al Jarvis, persuades Jarvis to stage a Musical Mystery Contest, with a $5000 prize to the person who can first name the most musical numbers and their performers.