Glamour Girl

Title: Glamour Girl
Category: Musical
Format: B/W
Run Time: 68 minutes
Released by: Columbia Pictures Corp.
Year: 1948
Director: Arthur Dreifuss
Producer: Sam Katzman
Screenplay: M. Coates Webster/Lee Gold
Virginia Grey as Lorraine Royle
Jack Leonard as Ray Royle
Susan Reed as Jennie Higgins
Gene Krupa and His Orchestra as Gene Krupa and His Orchestra
Jimmy Lloyd as Buddy Butterfield
Michael Duane as Johnny Evans
Pierre Watkin as T.J. Hopkins
Eugene Borden as Luigi Tamarini
Netta Packer as Aunt Hattie Higgins
Noel Neill as Gertrude
Jeannie Bell as Rosa
T. J. Hopkins, the head of a New York recording company, sends his talent scout Lorraine Royle to Memphis to sign a singing trio there. When her plane is forced to land in the backwoods of Tennessee, Lorraine spends the night at a farmhouse, where she hears Jennie Higgins sing folk songs and play the zither. Believing that Jennie could be the next singing sensation, Lorraine cancels her trip to Memphis and returns to New York with Jennie. Hopkins is furious because Lorraine has ignored his orders and refuses to audition Jennie. Angered by Hopkins’ treatment of Lorraine, record company employees Johnny Evans and Buddy Butterfield quit their jobs to form a new label with her. Needing a big-name performer to boost their initial record, Lorraine asks her ex-husband, singer Ray Royle, to arrange for Jennie to sing at the nightclub where he and band leader Gene Krupa are starring. After Jennie’s sensational debut, she and Johnny discover that they have fallen in love. Lorraine soon realizes that she still loves Ray, and all ends happily when he asks her to return as his wife.