George White’s Scandals

Title: George White’s Scandals
Category: Musical Comedy
Format: B/W
Run Time: 91 minutes
Released by: RKO Radio Pictures
Year: 1945
Director: Felix E. Feist
Producer: Jack J. Gross
Screenplay: Howard Snyder/Parke Lev/Howard Green/Hugh Wedlock
Joan Davis as Joan Mason
Jack Haley as Jack Evans
Phillip Terry as Tom McGrath
Martha Holliday as Jill Martin
Ethel Smith as Hit Parade Swing Organist
Margaret Hamilton as Clarabelle Evans
Glenn Tryon as George White
Jane Greer as Billie Randall (as Bettejane Greer)
Audrey Young as Maxine Manner
Rose Murphy as Hilda – Joan’s Maid
Fritz Feld as Montescu
Beverly Wills as Joan, as a Child
Gene Krupa as Gene Krupa his Drums and his Band
In this musical comedy, Joan Mason (Joan Davis), Jack Williams (Jack Haley), Jill Martin (Martha Holliday), and Tom McGrath (Phillip Terry) make up two couples in show business who struggle to successfully open a stageshow. Featuring famous jazz drummer Gene Krupa, this film boasts a number of songs, including “Leave Us Leap,” “I Want to be a Drummer in the Band,” and “Scandals.”