Beat The Band

Title: Beat The Band
Category: Musical Comedy
Format: B/W
Run Time: 67 minutes
Released by: RKO Radio Pictures
Year: 1947
Director: John H. Auer
Producer: Michael Kraike
Screenplay: Lawrence Kimble
  1. A larger part in the film was apparently originally written in for Red Rodney, but in the end he only appeared as a member of the band.
Frances Langford as Ann Rogers
Ralph Edwards as Eddie Martin
Phillip Terry as Damon Dillingham
June Clayworth as Willow Martin
Mabel Paige as Mrs. Peters
Andrew Tombes as ‘Professor’ Enrico Blanchetti
Donald MacBride as P. Aloysius Duff
Mira McKinney as Mrs. Elvira Rogers
Harry Harvey as Mr. Rogers
Grady Sutton as Harold
Gene Krupa as Gene Krupa and his Band
Rickey Jordan as Messenger boy
Agent Ralph Edwards and band leader Phillip Terry are trying to get their swing orchestra back together after the war, but they need dough, and their meal ticket is young Frances Langford from the sticks, who wants to take lessons to sing opera. The guys concoct an elaborate ruse to pretend Terry’s a married opera coach, but he falls for Frannie and how; and she has a secret of her own: she really prefers singin’ pop to opera. With the help of Gene Krupa and his band, everything’ll work out in the end.