835-314-4: Walkman Jazz: Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich

Title: Walkman Jazz: Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich
Artist: Gene Krupa / Buddy Rich
Label: Verve
Catalog #: 835-314-4
Format: Cassette
Rel. Year: 1988
Issue Notes:
  1. Compilation featuring selections from Clef LP 12″: MGC-684 — Krupa And Rich (1955) and
    Verve/MGM LP 12″: V/V6-8471 — Burnin’ Beat [M/S] (1962)
  2. Tracks A1, A3, A4, B2 & B4 are STEREO
  3. Track B3 originally included on Clef MGC-684 does not feature Krupa but is included here for completeness
  4. Released on CD as; Verve CD: 835-314-2 — Compact Jazz: Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich (1988)
Track Date Matrix Title Time
A1 01/18/1962 62VK284 King Porter Stomp
A2 11/01/1955 2529-1 Bernie’s Tune
(Miller, Lieber, Stoller)
A3 01/19/1962 62VK289 It Don’t Mean A Thing
(Ellington, Mills)
A4 01/18/1962 62VK286 Evolution
B1 11/01/1955 2531-2 Sweethearts On Parade
(Lombardo, Newman)
B2 01/18/1962 62VK283 Jumpin’ At The Woodside
B3 11/01/1955 2528-3 Buddy’s Blues [omit Krupa]
B4 01/19/1962 62VK290 Duet
Collective Personnel
Jerry Sanfino (ww), Sam Marowitz (as), Illinois Jacquet, Joe “Flip” Phillips, Eddie Wasserman (ts), Danny Bank (bar), Roy Eldridge, Dizzy Gillespie, Don Goldie, Al Stewart, Nick Travis, Joe Wilder (t), Jimmy Cleveland, Frank Rehak (tb), George Barnes, Howard Collins, Herb Ellis (g), John Bunch, Oscar Peterson (p), Herman “Trigger” Alpert, Ray Brown (b), Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich (d)