CL-6066: Dance Parade

Title: Dance Parade
Artist: Gene Krupa and his Orchestra
Label: Columbia
Catalog #: CL-6066
Format: 10″ LP
Rel. Year: 1949
Issue Notes:
  1. Multiple cover color variations exist (yellow, green, pink)
  2. Compilation of Columbia titles from the 30’s & 40’s
Track Date Matrix Title Time
A1 06/05/1941 30605-1 After You’ve Gone
(Creamer, Layton)
A2 05/08/1941 30442-1 Green Eyes – vAO, HD
(Rivera, Woods, Menendez, Utrera)
A3 07/13/1942 CO-33001-1 Massachusetts – vAO
(Roberts, Razaf)
A4 03/08/1945 HCO-1293-1A Body And Soul
(Green, Heyman, Sour, Eyton)
B1 06/02/1938 B-23007-2 Wire Brush Stomp
(Krupa, Biondi)
B2 09/20/1946 CO-36904-1 There Is No Breeze (To Cool The Flame Of Love) – vCG
(Dick, Alstone)
B3 08/21/1945 CO-35110-1 Opus No. 1 – vAO
(Oliver, Garris)
B4 06/01/1945 CO-34921-1 Stompin’ At The Savoy
(Sampson, Webb, Goodman, Razaf)
Collective Personnel
Sam Musiker (cl, as, ts), Murray Williams (cl, as), Johnny Bothwell, Benny Feeman, Clint Neagley, Mascagni “Musky” Ruffo, George Siravo, Adrian Tei, Harry Terrill (as), Charlie Kennedy (as, ts), Walter Bates, Carl Biesacker, Don Brassfield, Joe Megro, Jimmy Milione, Vido Musso, Charlie Ventura, Buddy Wise (ts), Rex Sittig (ts, bar), Stuart Olson, Jack Schwartz (bar), Tony Anelli, Al Beck, Tom DiCarlo, Roy Eldridge, Don Fagerquist, Tom Gonsoulin, Torg Halten, Vince Hughes, Vito “Mickey” Mangano, Norman Murphy, Al Porcino, Tony Russo, Dave Schultze, Joe Triscari, Ray Triscari, Graham Young (t), Randy Bellerjean, Leon Cox, Bill Cully, Carl “Ziggy” Elmer, Chuck Evans, John Grassi, Jay Kelliher, Charles McCamish, Pullman “Tommy” Pederson, Greg Phillips, Moe Schneider, Bruce Squires, Dick Taylor, Babe Wagner (tb), Ray Biondi (g, arr), Stan Doughty, Teddy Walters, Ed Yance (g), Bob Kitsis, Teddy Napoleon, Milt Raskin, Joe Springer, George Walters (p), Biddy Bastien, Irv Lang, Ed Mihelich, Bob Strahl (b), Joe Dale, Gene Krupa (d), Howard DuLany, Carolyn Grey, Anita O’Day (v), Elton Hill, Sy Oliver, George Williams (arr)