OK-5997: Apurksody/Jungle Madness

Title: Apurksody b/w Jungle Madness
Artist: Gene Krupa and his Orchestra
Label: Okeh
Catalog #: 5997
Format: 10″ 78 RPM
Rel. Year: 1941
Issue Notes:
  1. “Apurksody” was originally released as; Brunswick 78 10″: 8296 — Apurksody/Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-Der-E (1938)
  2. “Apurksody” was reissued as; Okeh 78 10″: 6631 — Apurksody/Scatter-Brain [Frankie Masters and his Orchestra] (1942)
  3. “Jungle Madness” originally released as; Brunswick 78 10″: 8400 — Jungle Madness/You Taught Me To Love Again (1939)
  4. “Apurksody” (= KRUPA spelled backwards + “SODY” from rhapsody) became Gene Krupa’s theme song for a time
Track Date Matrix Title Time
A1 12/12/1938 LA-1764-A Apurksody (Theme Song)
(Krupa, Willett)
B1 04/17/1939 WC-2589-A Jungle Madness
Collective Personnel
Sam Musiker (cl, ts), Mascagni “Musky” Ruffo, Bob Snyder (cl, as), Sam Donahue (ts), Ray Cameron, Charles Frankhouser, Dick Lotter, Nick Prospero (t), Dalton Rizzoto, Al Sherman, Bruce Squires, Toby Tyler (tb), Ray Biondi (g), Milt Raskin (p), Horace Rollins (b), Gene Krupa (d), Chappie Willett (arr)