The session information presented here attempts to reference the complete studio recording sessions of Gene Krupa with his various orchestras, bands and combos. It was completely re-created from the ground-up using the acclaimed record discography database software BRIAN developed by Steve Albin, without of which this would not of have been as easily possible. This Sessionography contains what we believe to be one of the most complete and accurate Krupa web discography resources to date. It references over 700 different performances of over 500 songs in over 140 session dates and encompasses over 600 official and non-official U.S. releases. Nevertheless, due to the enormity of the material already displayed in the confines of this website, we’ve been inclined to truncate some of the information by omitting some session notes and all the numerous foreign releases from our complete discography.

Note, that with some minor exceptions, particularly the Chicago London House recordings, the Rosenkrantz recordings at New York’s Town Hall, some JATP performances and a few others which should naturally be included, this session information does not yet include any live remote performance recordings. Nor does it include his recordings or performances as a sideman with other bands (e.g. Red Nichols, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey.) These projects are still ongoing (with the exception of his performances with Goodman as this information is already readily available elsewhere) so expect this additional information to be included here sometime in the future.

Do also note that in the rare instances when presented with conflicting or uncorroborated session data, some unidentified assumptions have been made in this Sessionography. And although these decisions are based upon our extensive research from the vast discographies, album liner notes, articles and other such resources available to us, they are still to be considered assumptions nonetheless. Also, a scope this size is sure to contain errors or exclusions, so any assistance with respect to additions or corrections of this section is greatly welcomed and encouraged!

1935-38 1939 1940 1941
1942-1944 1945 1946 1947-1949
1950-1952 1953-1954 1955-1956 1957-1959
1960-1964 Although Gene continued to perform right up until his death in 1973,
no official studio recording were produced under his name after 1964.