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COL-CD-7490: Boogie, Ballads, And Be-Bop

Title: Boogie, Ballads, And Be-Bop:
The Best Of The Columbia Years – 1945-1949
Artist: Gene Krupa And His Orchestra
Label: Collectables
Catalog #: COL-CD-7490
Format: CD
Rel. Year: 2002
Issue Notes:
  1. Contains four previously unreleased tracks
  2. Ridiculous cover art (Krupa playing a set of Yamaha drums!)
Track Date Matrix Title Time
1 02/05/1947 CO-37354-1A Gene’s Boogie
(Ellis, Williams)
2 08/21/1945 CO-35109-1 I Don’t Want To Be Loved (By Anyone Else But You)
(Symes, Livingston)
3 01/22/1945 HCO-1231-1 Leave Us Leap
4 01/22/1947 CO-37307-1B Old Devil Moon
(Lane, Harburg)
5 05/27/1946 CO-36364-1 How High The Moon
(Hamilton, Lewis)
6 09/20/1946 CO-36906-1 Aren’t You Kind Of Glad We Did?
(Gershwin, Gershwin)
7 06/01/1945 CO-34921-1 Stompin’ At The Savoy
(Sampson, Webb, Goodman, Razaf)
8 01/22/1945 HCO-1234-1 What’s This?
9 12/29/1947 CO-38663-1 I Should Have Kept On Dreaming
(Krupa, Williams)
10 12/29/1947 CO-38662-1 To Be Or Not To Be-Bop
11 09/26/1945 CO-35243-1 Are These Really Mine?
12 01/26/1949 CO-40430-1B Lemon Drop
13 09/20/1946 CO-36904-2
There Is No Breeze (To Cool The Flame Of Love)
(Dick, Alstone)
14 06/11/1945 CO-34936-6
Limehouse Blues
(Braham, Furber)
15 10/23/1945 CO-35336-1A Harriet (A Western Novelty Song)
(Baer, Cunningham)
16 110 06/14/1945 CO-34972-1B It’s Up To You
17 06/14/1945 CO-34971-2B Along The Navajo Trail
(Markes, Charles, DeLange)
18 01/22/1947 CO-37309-2D Disc Jockey Jump
(Mulligan, Krupa)
19 09/26/1945 CO-35241-1 Change Your Mind
(Canning, Willis)
20 October
17-18, 1946
CCO-4672-1D It’s A Good Day
(Barbour, Lee)
21 03/08/1945 HCO-1293-1A Body And Soul
(Green, Heyman, Sour, Eyton)
22 05/06/1946 CO-36236-2 Chiquita Banana (The Banana Song)
(Montgomery, Mackenzie, Wirges)
23 10/24/1945 CO-35242-1
(Rodgers, Hart)
24 08/21/1945 CO-35111-1 (Did You Ever Get) That Feeling In The Moonlight
(Cavanaugh, Stock, Schuster)
25 12/29/1947 CO-38664-1B Calling Doctor Gillespie
Collective Personnel
Murray Williams (cl, as), Francis Antonelli, Johnny Bothwell, Lenny Hambro, Bill Hitz, Sam Marowitz, Adrian Tei, Harry Terrill, Jerry Therkeld (as), Charlie Kennedy (as, ts), Steve Benoric, Carl Friend, Joe Megro, Mitch Melnick, Andy Pino, Charlie Ventura, Buddy Wise (ts), Sid Brown, Dale Keever, Joe Koch, Bob Morton, Stuart Olsen, Stuart Olson, Jack Schwartz (bar), Tony Anelli, Ed Badgley, John Bello, Gordon Boswell, Buddy Colaneri, Bill Conrad, Roy Eldridge, Don Fagerquist, Vince Hughes, Al Porcino, Red Rodney, Tony Russo, Pincus “Pinky” Savitt, Ed Shedowski, Joe Triscari, Ray Triscari (t), Bob Ascher, Randy Bellerjean, Warren Covington, Leon Cox, Bill Cully, Carl “Ziggy” Elmer, Bob Fitzpatrick, Nick Gaglio, Urbie Green, Clay Harvey, Alan Langstaff, Emil Manazec, Andy Parker, Pullman “Tommy” Pederson, Frank Rehak, Walter Robertson, Moe Schneider, Ben Seaman, Dick Taylor, Jack Zimmerman (tb), Frank Rosolino (tb, v), Ralph Blaze, Stan Doughty, Bob Lesher, Mike Triscari, Hy White, Frank Worrell, Ed Yance (g), Joe Cohen, Teddy Napoleon, Buddy Neal, George Walters (p), Harry Babasin, Irv Lang, Bob Munoz, Clyde Newcombe, Pete Ruggerio, Don Simpson (b), Bob Strahl (b, bgo), Joe Dale, Louis Zito (d), Gene Krupa (d, v), Hernado Bravo, Ramon Rivera (lp), Ray Biondi, Teddy Blume, Victor Pariante, Jerome Reisler, Jacob Shulman (vn), George Grosman, Paul Powell (vl), Julius Ehrenworth (vc), Carolyn Grey, Delores Hawkins, Buddy Hughes, Dave Lambert, Anita O’Day, Buddy Stewart (v), George Williams (v, arr), Eddie Finckel, Budd Johnson, Gerry Mulligan, Gray Rains (arr)
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