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CO-4-50052: Disc Jockey Jump/Opus No. 1

Title: Disc Jockey Jump/Opus No. 1
Catalog #: 4-50052
Artist: Gene Krupa And His Orchestra
Label: Columbia Records
Format: 45 7″
Rel. Year: 1954
Issue Notes: 1. Columbia’s “Hall Of Fame” Series
Track Date Matrix Title Time
A1 01/22/1947 CO-37309-2D Disc Jockey Jump
(Mulligan, Krupa)
B1 08/21/1945 CO-35110-1 Opus No. 1
(Oliver, Garris)

Collective Personnel:
Johnny Bothwell, Adrian Tei, Harry Terrill (as), Charlie Kennedy (as, ts), Mitch Melnick, Charlie Ventura, Buddy Wise (ts), Stuart Olson, Jack Schwartz (bar), Ed Badgley, Don Fagerquist, Vince Hughes, Al Porcino, Tony Russo, Joe Triscari, Ray Triscari (t), Leon Cox, Bill Cully, Clay Harvey, Emil Manazec, Pullman “Tommy” Pederson, Dick Taylor, Jack Zimmerman (tb), Bob Lesher, Ed Yance (g), Teddy Napoleon, Buddy Neal (p), Irv Lang, Bob Strahl (b), Joe Dale, Gene Krupa (d), Anita O’Day (v), Gerry Mulligan, Sy Oliver (arr)

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