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P-14379: Krupa Swings

Title: Krupa Swings
Artist: Gene Krupa Quartet
Label: Encore
Catalog #: P-14379
Format: 12″ LP
Rel. Year: 1980
Issue Notes:
  1. Contains eight previously unissued tracks
Track Date Matrix Title Time
A1 05/04/1938 B-22732-5 The Madam Swings It
(Olsen, Russell, Martin)
A2 09/20/1939 CO-25369-1 Come Back To SorrentoSymphony In Riffs
A3 11/02/1939 WC-2827-A Time Out
(Durham, Battle)
A4 01/02/1940 WCO-26378-A Birth Of Passion
A5 03/08/1940 CO-27027-1 Tuxedo Junction
(Feyne, Hawkins, Johnson, Dash)
A6 05/21/1940 CO 27323-1 No Name Jive
B1 08/06/1940 WC-3212-A St. Louis Blues
B2 08/06/1940 WC-3213-A The Babe Takes A Bow
(Wagner, Krupa)
B3 10/24/1940 28967-1 Full Dress Hop
(Krupa, Eldridge)
B4 10/14/1941 H-545-1 How Do?
B5 10/14/1941 H-548-1 Bolero At The Savoy
(Biondi, Mundy, Carpenter, Krupa)
B6 07/13/1942 CO-33000-1 Beaver
Collective Personnel
Sam Musiker (cl, as, ts), Murray Williams (cl, as), Benny Feeman, Mascagni “Musky” Ruffo, George Siravo (as), Clint Neagley, Bob Snyder (as, bar), Walter Bates, Carl Biesacker, Don Brassfield, Sam Donahue, Jimmy Milione, Vido Musso (ts), Rex Sittig (ts, bar), Al Beck, Edward “Corky” Cornelius, Tom DiCarlo, Roy Eldridge, Tom Gonsoulin, Torg Halten, Nate Kazebier, Vito “Mickey” Mangano, Norman Murphy, Rudy Novack, Dave Schultze, Shorty Sherock, Graham Young (t), Sid Brantley, Chuck Evans, John Grassi, Al Jordan, Jay Kelliher, Charles McCamish, Floyd O’Brien, Rodney Ogle, Greg Phillips, Al Sherman, Bruce Squires, Babe Wagner (tb), Pullman “Tommy” Pederson (tb, arr), Ray Biondi, Teddy Walters (g), Tony D’Adario, Milt Raskin, Joe Springer (p), Biddy Bastien, Ed Mihelich (b), Gene Krupa (d), Johnny Desmond, Anita O’Day (v), Benny Carter, Elton Hill, Jimmy Mundy, Larry Wagner (arr)
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