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R960-13: Big Bands – Gene Krupa

Title: Big Bands – Gene Krupa
Artist: Gene Krupa And His Orchestra
Label: Sony Music Special Products for Time/Life
Catalog #: A-17587/R960-13
Format: CD
Rel. Year: 1993
Issue Notes:
  1. Available originally from Time/Life mail-order
  2. Contains six previously unreleased alternate takes
Track Date Matrix Title Time
1 07/13/1942 CO-32999-2
That Drummer’s Band
2 03/19/1941 CO-29974-1 Let’s Get Away From It All
(Dennis, Adair)
3 12/29/1941 32065-2
Ball Of Fire
(Eldridge, Krupa)
4 10/03/1941 H-529-1 Violets For Your Furs
(Dennis, Adair)
5 01/23/1942 32310-2
Side By Side
6 01/17/1941 C-3530-1 Drum Boogie
(Krupa, Eldridge)
7 06/03/1940 WCO-26876-A Blues Krieg
8 11/25/1941 31802-1
Thanks For The “Boogie” Ride
(Buck, Mitchell)
9 03/12/1941 CO-29921-1 Alreet
(Livingston, Russell)
10 04/02/1942 C-4209-1 Knock Me A Kiss
(Razaf, Jackson)
11 11/02/1939 WC-2824-A Drummin’ Man
(Krupa, Parham)
12 11/25/1941 31800-1 Skylark
(Carmichael, Mercer)
13 01/02/1940 WCO-26377-A Marchetta
14 08/20/1941 C-3977-1 Watch The Birdie
(Raye, DePaul)
15 07/13/1942 CO-33001-1 Massachusetts
(Roberts, Razaf)
16 08/21/1945 CO-35113-2
Boogie Blues
(Krupa, Biondi)
17 01/22/1945 HCO-1231-1 Leave Us Leap
18 01/23/1942 32312-1 Harlem On Parade
(Evans, Carter)
19 10/03/1941 H-528-1 This Time The Dream’s On Me
(Arlen, Mercer)
20 07/13/1942 CO-33002-1 “Murder”, He Says
(McHugh, Loesser)
21 05/08/1941 30443-2
Let Me Off Uptown
(Bostic, Evans)
Collective Personnel
Sam Musiker (cl, as, ts), Murray Williams (cl, as), Francis Antonelli, Johnny Bothwell, Benny Feeman, Mascagni “Musky” Ruffo, Adrian Tei (as), Clint Neagley, Bob Snyder (as, bar), Walter Bates, Don Brassfield, Sam Donahue, Charlie Kennedy, Jimmy Milione, Andy Pino, Charlie Ventura (ts), Rex Sittig (ts, bar), Stuart Olsen, Stuart Olson (bar), Al Beck, Bill Conrad, Edward “Corky” Cornelius, Don Fagerquist, Torg Halten, Vince Hughes, Nate Kazebier, Vito “Mickey” Mangano, Norman Murphy, Rudy Novack, Tony Russo, Shorty Sherock, Joe Triscari, Graham Young (t), Roy Eldridge (t, v), Sid Brantley, Joe Conigliaro, Leon Cox, Bill Cully, John Grassi, Al Jordan, Jay Kelliher, Floyd O’Brien, Pullman “Tommy” Pederson, Greg Phillips, Pat Virgadamo, Babe Wagner (tb), Ray Biondi (g, vn, arr), Teddy Walters, Ed Yance (g), Tony D’Adario, Bob Kitsis, Bob Kitsis, Teddy Napoleon, Milt Raskin, Joe Springer (p), Biddy Bastien, Irv Lang, Ed Mihelich, Clyde Newcombe (b), Joe Dale, Gene Krupa, Louis Zito (d), Teddy Blume, Victor Pariante, Jerome Reisler, Jacob Shulman (vn), George Grosman, Paul Powell (vl), Julius Ehrenworth (vc), Irene Daye, Johnny Desmond, Anita O’Day (v), Eddie Finckel, Elton Hill, Fred Norman (arr)
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