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B-1616: Spotlite

Title: Spotlite
Catalog #: B-1616
Artist: Gene Krupa And His Orchestra
Label: Columbia Records
Format: EP 7″ (45rpm)
Rel. Year: 1952
Issue Notes:  
Track Date Matrix Title Time
A1 01/22/1947 CO-37309-2D Disc Jockey Jump
(Mulligan, Krupa)
A2 01/26/1949 CO-40430-1B Lemon Drop
B1 03/08/1945 HCO-1292-1 Dark Eyes
B2 02/05/1947 CO-37354-1A Gene’s Boogie
(Ellis, Williams)

Collective Personnel:
Lenny Hambro, Charlie Kennedy, Sam Marowitz, Harry Terrill, Jerry Therkeld (as), Carl Friend, Mitch Melnick, Charlie Ventura, Buddy Wise (ts), Dale Keever, Jack Schwartz (bar), Ed Badgley, John Bello, Gordon Boswell, Roy Eldridge, Don Fagerquist, Al Porcino, Ray Triscari (t), Clay Harvey, Alan Langstaff, Emil Manazec, Frank Rehak, Walter Robertson, Dick Taylor, Jack Zimmerman (tb), Frank Rosolino (tb, v), Ralph Blaze, Bob Lesher (g), Joe Cohen, Teddy Napoleon, Buddy Neal (p), Don Simpson, Bob Strahl (b), Joe Dale (d), Gene Krupa (d, v), Hernado Bravo, Ramon Rivera (lp), Carolyn Grey (v), George Williams (v, arr), Gerry Mulligan (arr)

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