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Knowledge based website that references the life and career of that "Ace Drummin' Man", Gene Krupa!


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GENE KRUPA REFERENCE PAGE, knowledge based website that references the life and career of that “Ace Drummin’ Man”, GENE KRUPA!

As you can see, we are presently in the process of migrating our old site over to the new interface and while we do, we’ll be updating a lot of our content in the process. We expect to have everything in place as quickly as possible, but it is a work-in-progress so please pardon our appearance during this transition. Also, some links may have changed so please update any bookmarks and, as always, “Keep Swingin’!”

Recent updates…

10/13/17 Presently listed EPs are done and linked with the Sessionography!
09/14/17 Continuing to add 45, EPs, 78 & LP releases
05/25/17 Added Books listing
05/03/17 Added Movies listing
04/25/17 Fixed broken CONTACT page. If you tried to used the page prior to today, it probably didn't work.
04/18/17 Added individual CDs listing and linked each with respective Sessionography
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